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Imran Awan Transferred Nearly $300K To Pakistan Before Attempting To Flee, Lawyer Claims Islamophobia

Hillary spy asset Awan setup all the blackberry phones for their network of gang stalking thugs, in addition to all members of congress, as well as senior officials in the government. He reported directly to Wasserman, as a cutout from Hillary

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Following news of the arrest and booking of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's top IT staffer which followed a report on Monday that destroyed computer equipment was recovered from a home owned by Imran and his wife - the Daily Caller's Luke Rosiak is out with another bombshell; Imran Awan wired $283,000 to Pakistan before attempting to flee the country to join his wife (who left the country with $12,000 cash) - hours after the Daily Caller reported Awan was under investigation.
Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s top information technology (IT) aide was arrested Monday attempting to board a flight to Pakistan after wiring $283,000 from the Congressional Federal Credit Union to that country.

He attempted to leave the country hours after The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group revealed that he is the target of an FBI investigation, and the FBI apprehended him at the airport.

Credit union officials permitted the wire to go through, and his wife has already fled the country to Pakistan, after police confronted her at the airport and found $12,000 in cash hidden in her suitcase but did not stop her from boarding, court documents show.
Shady Loan From Iraqi Doctor
In February, the Daily Caller delivered two bombshells: that the Awans were under criminal investigation after being caught accessing congressional computers without permission, and they had borrowed, laundered, and never repaid $100,000 from a super shady Iraqi expat physician - Dr. Ali al-Attar, a Hezbollah-linked fugitive who led a group of other expats which regularly advised the Bush administration on their plans to invade Iraq in 2002-2003 (source <-- em="" guy="" on="" read="" this="" up="">. 
Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, wrote that Attar “was observed in Beirut, Lebanon conversing with a Hezbollah official” in 2012–shortly after the loan was made. -DC
Al-Attar's license to practice medicine was revoked by the Maryland State Board of Physicians and he had to pay a $50,000 fine for unprofessional conduct, healthcare fraud, and failure to cooperate with an investigation.
Sugar Daddy 
Rep Theo Deutch (D-FL) paid a disgruntled vendor the Awans owed money
Adding to the list of interesting connections, when the Awans stopped paying vendors for a car dealership they owned, a U.S. Congressman from Florida began paying a monthly salary to a man who had threatened to sue the Awans. 
The brothers had numerous additional sources of income, all of which seemed to disappear. While they were supposedly working for the House, the brothers were running a car dealership full-time that didn’t pay its vendors, and after one — Rao Abbas — threatened to sue them, he began receiving a paycheck from Rep. Theodore Deutch (D-FL), who like Wasserman Schultz represents Florida.

While they were working for House members including members of the homeland security and foreign affairs committees, the dealership took and never repaid a $100,000 loan from Dr. Ali Al-Attar, who is a fugitive from U.S. authorities and has been linked to Hezbollah.

-Daily Caller
Oddly, their car dealership was called "Cars International A, LLC," referred to as "CIA" in court documents:
Debbie, Debbie, Debbie
Although Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is now trying to distance herself - claiming "Mr. Awan was a "part-time" employee whose serviced had been terminated," DWS refused to fire him after Awan was barred from accessing house computer equipment - instead changing his title and allowing him to continue to access House property.
Wasserman Schultz lashed out at investigators and changed Awan’s title to “adviser” instead of firing him after House authorities banned him from the network. -Daily Caller
Except that Schultz appears to have been much closer friends with the Awans than her statement would imply. Again, from Daily Caller:
Wasserman-Schultz also had computer equipment seized by investigators - including a laptop found hidden in a shady corner of the House building, which she threatened the D.C. which was recovered by DC Capitol Police, and which Wasserman-Schultz threatened the police chief with "consequences" if it wasn't returned.

Imran Awan had the password to an iPad used by Debbie Wasserman Schultz when the DNC emails were given to Wikileaks.
Predictably - the Awans' lawyer fired off a statement claiming "anti-Muslim bigotry in the literal heart of our democracy, the House of Representatives," weaving in "ultra-right-wing" and "pizzagate" references to somehow suggest that the Awans holding their stepmother captive in a house before carting her to Pakistan so they could extort her inheritance (fraud) is somehow racist. Or that the House of Representatives banned the Awans from their computer network because of bigotry, as opposed to members of congress noticing the Awans had gained unauthorized access to sensitive information.
An aside - credit where credit's due
Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller News Foundation has been all over the Awan family situation from the beginning. Here's an interview with him from a few weeks ago discussing the case. Controversial investigator and YouTube personality George Webb has also done extensive research into the Awans, and while some have criticized Webb - the arrest of Imran Awan validates much of what he's been saying for months over his YouTube channel. Here's a summary.
Imran Awan is currently out on bail with a GPS tracker and a curfew. No word on whether he's depressed, distraught, or otherwise feeling like committing suicide with two bullets to the back of the head.

"I felt a great disturbance in the Farce, as if millions of snowflakes suddenly cried out like little babies and wet their pants, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something wonderful has happened."

Trump Bans Transgender Individuals From Military Service

The "free" addadicktomies and chop shop surgeries would make the military a gay-only zone as well as further bankrupt the country with trans medical procedures as part of the military budget. Good move.

So, please... someone tell me how the military will better do its job by performing voluntary breast implants on men who desire to be women?

Trump Blocks Transgender Individuals From Military Service, who never see combat but somehow get unit citations for being in the rear with the gear look at drone screens.

My response: This "GENDER CONFUSION" business is so disturbing. Let's take a look at what the author of creation has to say about the matter. If you are having a problem with this information, know this: Your problem is with GOD Almighty, not ME.
Genesis 5:2New  (NKJV)
2 He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created.
Mark 10:6 (NKJV)
6 But from the beginning of the creation, God ‘made them male and female.’[a]
Matthew 19:4 (NKJV)
4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made[a] them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’[b]

We are already at war.

This is exactly correct.  The same methodology is used to tear down civil society then and now.  Erasure of Weimar and then Nazi history, allows the parasite to inject his venom and spread hypnosis.
The military is a bastion for Lesbianism already.  The idea is to sow dissension, to have conflict - this prevents cohesion.  The parasite can then move about without any notice of his rent-seeking and criminal methods.  If parasite is genetically different (meaning a different race) then he will advocate for replacement immigration.
The U.S. military is to enforce the dollar as reserve system, and hence it should be an effective tool for the parasite.  But, military cannot become too cohesive, because after-all, the U.S. military personnel swear to Constitution and enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.  
If the enemy is within, the military has a sworn duty to fight him. 
A paramilitary force in pre Nazi Germany, the brown shirts, were able to thwart Red-Berlin (the first attempt by parasite to take over Germany).


The announcement represents a major shift in US military policy; the decision will affect nearly 150,000 active and/or retired/veteran people on service in the US military.
The last thing soldiers want is to be ordered by a bunch of cupcakes and bull dykes who have never seen a day of combat, except safely in the rear looking at a drone screen. In the NWO gay service, the trannies and gays get the promotions while normal guys get the low pay and combat. They hate it. Just ask ANY of them that aren't satanists. The freaky deaks join to get free freak surgery, so the lesbians and gays can look more like a man or woman for their stunted soul partner. How messed up is that. They claim same sex, then try to be the opposite sex any way they can. Only the mentally ill thinks and acts in such a fashion.

The DoD's response to the Trump tweets: "Call the White House."
Meanwhile, GLAAD calls Trump's announcement "a direct attack on transgender Americans."
Trump's decree could be a problem if this number is right:
The Defense Department estimates as many as 7,000 transgender troops serve in the active-duty force of 1.3 million.
President Obama's final defense secretary, Ash Carter, issued a directive last year that permitted transgender troops to serve in the military, and to undergo reassignment surgery. That step left a decision for Trump Secretary of Defense James Mattis to make a decision on whether to allow new transgender troops to enter the military.
It wasn't immediately clear what Trump's announcement would mean for the approximately 250 transgender people now serving openly in the U.S. military.
Here is one Delta Force Operator's reality check (via All soldiers in the U.S. Army are now required to take a 50-minute training course on transgender sensitivity. Independent Journal Review wanted to know what veterans who have trained thousands of soldiers to fight in combat think about the news.
We spoke with U.S. Army Master Sergeant (Ret.) and Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock. Comstock has seen more war than the average American can wrap their head around. In fact, he's served in every major campaign from Grenada in 1983 to present-day conflicts.
Comstock said:
"This whole political-social experiment is not helping. The reality is, it's in the Army, it's in the Navy, it's in the military. And unless Mattis and Trump rescind all these policies and stop this madness, it's here to stay.

It affects morale and combat readiness on many levels. At the end of the day, war fighting is about one thing: Killing people. It's about bringing home our guys alive. It's not about being sensitive to a transgender. This isn't corporate America, this is the military.

You can't just put some policy in place because you want people to feel equal. Most guys who join the military, especially special operations forces, were the boys who had dirt clod fights on the playground, wrestled and fist fought, stole each other's girlfriends, and pledged allegiance to the flag. And that same spirit and apex predator mindset goes with us into the military."
For those curious, here is a full breakdown on Transgender in US Military Service from the Williams Institute:


The "free" addadicktomies and chop shop surgeries would make the military a gay-only zone as well as further bankrupt the country with trans medical procedures as part of the military budget. Good move.
So, please... someone tell me how the military will better do its job by performing voluntary breast implants on men who desire to be women?
The "free" addadicktomies and chop shop surgeries would make the military a gay-only zone as well as further bankrupt the country with trans medical procedures as part of the military budget. Good move.
So, please... someone tell me how the military will better do its job by performing voluntary breast implants on men who desire to be women?
The "free" addadicktomies and chop shop surgeries would make the military a gay-only zone as well as further bankrupt the country with trans medical procedures as part of the military budget. Good move.
So, please... someone tell me how the military will better do its job by performing voluntary breast implants on men who desire to be women?

Planned Parenthood INVESTIGATED by Congress in Selling Baby Parts Scandal. Results Are HORRIFYING.

There have been two recent congressional investigations into the Planned Parenthood selling baby parts scandal.

Both were prompted by the Centre For Medical Progress (CMP) undercover investigation, which caught Planned Parenthood officials discussing how to illegally profit from selling baby parts. The first report in December was by the Senate Judiciary Committee and now House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel has published its report. Neither investigation relied on the CMP undercover videos to come to their conclusions.They carried out their own investigations — interviewing officials and employees under oath and using the power of subpoena to get their records.
What they found is horrifying and criminal. It’s disturbing that the results have been virtually ignored in the mainstream media. So to fill this gap, here are the top eight horrifying facts the mainstream media doesn’t want you know about aborted babies bodies being sold for profit.

1) It’s wrong to say the pro-abortion crowd don’t value the disabled.
Advanced Biosciences Resources (ABR) had a “technician” embedded at a Planned Parenthood clinic who reportedly harvested and sold the skin of a Down Syndrome baby for $325. Yes, that’s correct, in America today, you can buy the skin of an aborted Down Syndrome child for $325. The same baby’s leg was sold for $325.

2) Selling baby parts is very profitable.
To be clear, the law is unambiguous; it is illegal to make a profit providing organs or any part of a human for research or medical treatment.
But Planned Parenthood and their business partners made a lot of money selling aborted baby body parts, according to the report. The House investigation found one case where Stem Express harvested an intact aborted baby’s brain at a Planned Parenthood clinic. They reportedly paid Planned Parenthood $55 but sold the brain to a researcher for over $3000 – that’s a 2,800% profit. Planned Parenthood reportedly made their money on volume sales and “charitable donations” from these body harvesting companies.

The Senate investigation published invoices which showed in June 2014 ABR bought a fetus from Planned Parenthood for $60. From that one fetus ABR “sold its brain to one customer for $325; both of its eyes for $325 each ($650 total) to a second customer, a portion of its liver for $325 to a third customer; its thymus for $325 and another portion of liver to a fourth customer; and its lung for $325 to a fifth customer.”

Then, the report says, they piled on fees for “disease screening” and shipping. That one aborted baby reportedly brought the company $2,275. The House Investigative Panel found Stem Express generally marked up the baby parts by 400% to 600%.

3) A bountiful harvest
And “harvesting” is exactly what they were doing. The House investigation uncovered how “technicians” would look at the patient list in advance and try to sell the baby parts before the abortion. After securing the advance sale (with its massive profits) the technician would then be allowed to go and ask the pregnant woman to sign a consent form.
This is a huge ethical breach. The person seeking consent from a vulnerable patient is supposed to be neutral in the process. In a letter to HHS last June, the panel wrote: “The fact that StemExpress was attempting to interest a customer in fetal body parts before an abortion had taken place raises serious concerns that there may have been coercion or undue influence upon the patient to consent to procurement” (their emphasis).

4) Sticks and stones
And like any other business, there can be frustrations between buyers and sellers. The House Panel uncovered an email exchange between an excited Stem Express “technician” and a researcher who wanted to know if she could expect some parts the next day because she needed to book time at a very expensive research machine. But a baby’s body is a frustratingly fragile thing. Rather apologetically, the Stem Express employee told the researcher he had a body but: “The calvarium [skull] is mostly intact, with a tear up the back of the suture line, but all pieces look to be there. The limbs, one upper and one lower, are totally intact, with one upper broken at the humerus, and one lower broken right above the knee. Please let me know if these are acceptable.”
They were. The deal was done and a baby’s body, complete with a broken leg and arm, was shipped overnight to the researcher.

5) Kermit Gosnell was not alone.
If there is one thing the abortion defenders agree on, it’s that mass murderer Dr Kermit Gosnell was a one-off, an aberration. In a Supreme Court judgment referencing Gosnell, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg described him as “rogue.”
Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic explained most people believe “Gosnell is an aberration that says nothing larger about abortion in America.”
And Slate writer William Saletan described Gosnell as an “outlier.”
But then you read the House Investigation Report. They have interviewed, taken evidence, and secured affidavits from employees and patients of a Texas abortion doctor (whose name they have redacted). I have made a movie and written a book about Kermit Gosnell and his 30-year killing spree, and the similarities with this Texas doctor are shocking.

According to one employee, the doctor would perform around 40 late second- or third-trimester abortions every week. Of these abortions, “three to four infants would show signs of life.” And just like Gosnell, the doctor would immediately kill them, according to the testimony. The employee said he employed Gosnell’s techniques of “snipping the infant’s spinal cord with scissors.”
However, he reportedly also cut the neck with Sopher forceps: “twisting the infants head: using forceps… or his finger to crush the ‘soft spot’ of the infant’s head.”
Sometimes the doctor would also kill by crushing the stomach of the child or “inserting his finger down the throat,” according to the testimony.

And just like Gosnell – the doctor reportedly would manipulate ultrasounds to make babies appear smaller so he could perform illegal late-term abortions. And just like Gosnell, he had unqualified staff administering drugs and carrying out abortions, according to the report.

6) Planned Parenthood HQ accused of conspiring to break the law.
After the baby selling scandal broke, Planned Parenthood told the media they had a policy that prevented their affiliates from profiting from the process. But they didn’t mention that they had brought the policy in just as the CMP scandal developed. In fact, this report suggests a “criminal conspiracy” over their failure to have guidelines before this.
According to the Senate Judicial Committee report, in 2001 Planned Parenthood did have a policy stating its clinics had to have an independent accountant verify they were not profiting from the sale of body parts. Those who did not follow these guidelines could be thrown out of the Planned Parenthood network, they were warned. In 2011, when they found their clinics were ignoring the guidelines, Planned Parenthood quietly deleted the guidelines from its requirements. By doing so, Planned Parenthood headquarters made it quite clear they would not stand in the way of their clinics profiting from the sale of baby parts.
Or, as the Senate Committee put it, by behaving “in a manner that facilitated the continuation of those fetal tissue payments. Planned Parenthood and the affiliates actions may implicate the federal criminal conspiracy statute 18USC/ 371.”

7) Privacy for thee and not for me
Planned Parenthood and the companies it was selling baby parts to fought tooth and nail against the investigations. They claimed privacy was an issue. But the House Investigation states they never cared about privacy when there was a lot of money to be made selling the body parts of their patients’ babies. They would regularly give confidential information about their patients to help the companies plan their harvesting in advance, the report says. And Stem Express would reportedly share this information with clients so they could look at what might be available and place advance orders.
The committee said: “the [Planned Parenthood] abortion clinics did not have a valid reason to provide, patients’ PHI [Protected Health Information]. Instead the abortion clinics shared patients’ PHI with Stem Express in furtherance of contractual agreements that financially benefited StemExpress and the clinics.” They recommended an investigation “and, if OHRP agrees that [privacy] violations occurred, to take all appropriate actions.”

8) Planned Parenthood falsely claimed to help cure AIDS.
Yes, you read that right – in order to convince women to allow them to harvest their baby’s body parts, the Planned Parenthood consent form told the vulnerable women that the parts had been used to find a cure for AIDS.

As a Planned Parenthood official admitted under oath to the House investigation, “there is no cure for AIDS. So that is probably an inaccurate statement.”

They also reportedly misled clients about what they were actually harvesting. The consent form only described “pregnancy tissue” — not a baby’s arms, legs, eyes, brains, and skin.

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Witchcraft and Witches becoming more Mainstream riding the Wave of Feminism

LifeSiteNewsVogue is encouraging women frustrated by today’s political climate to “awaken your inner witch” by reciting incantations to “call back” their feminist power.
There’s a “witchy renaissance” happening right now, according to the article, titled How to Awaken Your Inner Witch. It promoted a new book on witches by a “third-generation hereditary witch and wellness practitioner” named Lisa Lister.
 Source for the following quotes comes from The Fellowship of the Minds: Vogue‘s Perez quotes Lisa Lister, author of a recently-published book, Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic:
“For so long it’s [witch] been a term that’s been used to demonize, stigmatize, and repress women. But right now, the word is being reclaimed.
Women across the globe are actively using the word ‘witch’ as a way to describe themselves because the witch is waking. The part of us that’s been anesthetized, domesticated, tamed, and kept numb by food, shopping, alcohol, and drugs is now awakening within us. We are re-membering the dis-membered parts of being a woman—who we all were before patriarchy put all our fierce and feminine powers into the darkness, called them taboo, and then taught us all to be afraid of the dark.”
Nasty lesbian witch going to work on someone, usually to control or hurt them, as they do
Asked to define what a “witch” is, Lister said:
A witch is a woman in her power. She’s wise, a healer—someone who is aligned with the cycles of nature and the phases of the moon. She’s in touch with the dark. She knows how to witness, how to let things go, how to follow her own counsel. Every woman is a witch, whether she knows it or not. She’s cyclic, she’s powerful, she can embrace nature to heal herself and her community. In other words, she is magic.”
WOW, did you catch that? I would only add that every woman IS a witch UNLESS she is a Child of the Living God. If a woman is Born Again, the proper way according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she is a New Creation and is NOT a Witch!
A witch worships the created, instead of the True Creator. Romans 1:25 “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”  A Witch embraces all the worldly desires and as this witch says will  “follow her own counsel”. That means she will not let man have dominion over her and certainly will not let God be her guide! Oh and see what “She’s in touch with the dark.” means below.

Lister then describes a “simple” ritual to awaken a woman’s “inner witch”:
Make a Yoni Mudra triangle over your womb (lower abdomen) with your hands by placing the tips of your thumbs together and the tips of your first fingers together. Yoni means sacred temple in Sanskrit.

The triangle that points downward is one of the oldest symbols of the divine power of the female. It is an ancient symbol that represents the genitalia of a goddess. The triangle is connected to the number three which can represent true wisdom. It is often connected to the idea of a trinity. The trinity in this case is NOT the Trinity of the True Godhead, the Father, The Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. In witchcraft, It “represents the three sister witches’ working together as one, and the sisters’ “power of three” when united”. This trinity is the goddess, the witch and the Un-holy spirit, aka a demon, fallen angel or Satan himself!

Loudly chant “I call back my power now” three times. 
What the witch is doing here is calling in a demon to possess her. This is where the power of Witchcraft is derived from. The Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the darkness, Spiritual Wickedness in high places. Also see the significance of “3” in Witchcraft and Satanism here.
“Three is the number of perfect completion for the Jews, and for Christians the number three symbolized the perfection of the Godhead, the Most Holy Trinity”. Remember that Satan is a counterfeiter and always try’s to mimic God.
Bring your hands to your hearts and say: “So mote it be” 

This is Wicca’s equivalent of “Amen”. Another is “As above, so below”.

God takes witchcraft very seriously. The penalty for practicing witchcraft under the Mosaic Law was death (Exodus 22:18; Leviticus 20:27). First Chronicles 10:13 tells us that “Saul died because he was unfaithful to the LORD; he did not keep the word of the LORD and even consulted a medium for guidance.” In the New Testament, “sorcery” is translated from the Greek word pharmakeia, from which we get our word pharmacy (Galatians 5:20; Revelation 18:23). Witchcraft and spiritism often involve the ritualistic use of magic potions and mind-controlling drugs. Using illicit drugs can open ourselves up to the invasion of demonic spirits. Engaging in a practice or taking a substance to achieve an altered state of consciousness is a form of witchcraft.

Eight revelations from Leah Remini’s Scientology Documentary Series

1. The church’s leader, David Miscavige, reportedly beats his staff. Several former church members have spoken out on the show about the physical abuse they endured at the hands of Miscavige (he’s 5’1″, by the way). All of the situations they described include the church leader’s attitude changing at the drop of a hat and him punching, shoving, and choking them in front of other Scientology staff members. Whenever someone even looked like they were about to fight back, a group of Miscavige’s men would swoop in and immediately remove that person from the building. One former church member, Jeff Hawkins, recalled that Miscavige looked at him after physically assaulting him and said, “Do you know why I did that? To remind you who’s boss.”

2. Women in the Sea Org are reportedly forced to have abortions if they get pregnant. In the show’s fifth episode, Remini sits down with Marc Headley, a former event coordinator and video producer for Scientology, and his wife, Claire, a former Sea Org member. While working in the Sea Org, a now-land-based organization of the church’s most dedicated members that control management operations, and living at the church’s international headquarters in Hemet, CA, Claire became pregnant with their first child. But since Claire alleges that Scientology thinks women in the Sea Org who get pregnant actively want to leave, she was forced to get an abortion. “If a woman got pregnant, she would instantly be scheduled to go and get an abortion,” she said. “If she refused in any manner, she would be segregated, not allowed to speak with her husband, put under security watch, put on heavy manual labor, and interrogated for her crimes.” Marc and Claire managed to narrowly escape the church (he says he was run off the road by church members in an SUV; she says she snuck out of Walmart and hopped on a bus), but that will never take away their pain. “I can go, ‘Well, now I have three beautiful children who are my life,'” she continued. “But it doesn’t make me feel better about not being strong enough to tell them to go f*ck themselves.”

3. Despite escaping the church, some people are reportedly still tracked down and brought back. Claire and Marc also went into detail about the heavy security that Sea Org members are reportedly under when they live at the base in Hemet. In addition to security cameras being everywhere, their outgoing mail is always read before being sent, they are on strict meal schedules, and the fence that surrounds the property has large spikes on both sides, which prevents anyone from entering or leaving. Claire revealed that when her friend tried to escape, she fell in a ditch outside the property and was brought right back in by church members and put on heavy labor duty. She also said she knew one member who fled all the way to South Africa, where he was tracked down and brought back.

4. Private investigators reportedly hired by Scientology followed Remini during the filming of the show. In the fifth episode of the show, Remini and Rinder are driving when they notice a suspicious-looking car close by. After signaling to the car several times that he can pass, he refuses. When they pull up next to him and ask him who he is, he says he works for TMZ, but suspiciously doesn’t have a camera and quickly drives away. When they then pull into their hotel, two men are sitting in the lobby with their phones pointed at Remini’s car. The hotel manager asks if they are guests, and they both quickly get up to leave. Rinder confronts them, they act like they don’t know anything, and Remini later reveals that one of the men is a private investigator (oh, and the TMZ guy was driving the PI’s wife’s car).

5.Church members will spend thousands of dollars trying to reach the highest level of spirituality in Scientology. Scientology was founded by a man named L. Ron Hubbard, who believed that you need to clear yourself of your “reactive mind” in order to advance up “the Bridge of Total Freedom.” People do this through auditing sessions, where a Scientology auditor asks the person a series of questions while they hold two metal cans attached to a machine. The machine tells the auditor if the person is telling the truth, and in order to continue to grow spiritually, church members have to pay for expensive courses in order to improve. It also should be noted that Hubbard holds the Guinness World Record for most published works by one author (and they’re mostly science fiction) . . .

6. If you leave the church, you will most likely lose your entire family. If a member of the church speaks out against Scientology or decides to leave, they will be labeled a “suppressive person” (watch Tom Cruise talk about it at the 4:29 mark). If the rest of that person’s family is still in the church, they will be pressured to disconnect from that person, which means cutting off all communication and essentially never seeing them again.

7. David Miscavige reportedly told private investigators to let his father die. David’s father, Ron, was the one who got his son involved in Scientology when he was a young boy. But after years in the church and being heavily monitored while living at the base in Hemet, Ron and his wife, Becky, decided to plan their escape. In episode four of the show, Ron told Remini that he knew he needed to get out after he walked by his son one day and decided to say hello. “Dave looked at me and I knew that I had done the wrong thing,” he said. “By calling him Dave,” Remini clarified, to which he replied, “Yes.” After Ron and Becky finally escaped, his son hired private investigators to follow him, one of whom was brought in for questioning by police and revealed everything. According to Ron, the investigator told police that when they saw Ron have what appeared to be a heart attack (he was simply holding his cell phone in place in his chest pocket), they called David to see if they should intervene, but David replied, “If it’s my father’s time to die, let him die.”

8. Scientologists believe they have the cure for mental illness. In the show’s season finale, Leah sat down with Brandon Reisdorf, a former church member who suffers from bipolar disorder. At the time of their interview, Brandon was in psychiatric care but his family agreed to let him tell his story. While Brandon said he’s doing much better now that he’s in the care of actual doctors, he detailed his horrific time in the church. After one of his mental breakdowns, the church decided to give him an “introspection rundown,” or what they think is the cure for mental illness. It involves locking the person in a room until their “episode” passes, which they think means their body is rid of the illness for good. Scientologists are also well-known for hating psychology and thinking you can treat mental illness with vitamins and intense auditing sessions (as seen in this infamous Tom Cruise interview with Matt Lauer).

A Jewish Journalist’s Plot to Kill Trump

A Jewish Journalist's Plot to Kill Trump
satanists of all covens want the Yeshua serving, wife praying, President gone...and a satanic homosexual transgender freak in his place. Like they used to have.

Anti-White journalist Jonathan Freedland has written a thinly veiled assassination fantasy targeting Donald Trump.

The British-Jewish journalist, infamous for hailing the demographic eclipse of the British people in their own homeland as “a kind of triumph,” has devoted the last twelve months of his miserable journalistic life to neurotic attacks on the Trump presidency. His hyperbolic writings at the Guardian, while making little original contribution to the intellectual debate over the progress of the Trump administration, have instead revealed much about the paranoid preoccupations of Freedland, the Left, and elements of the organized Jewish community.
Until recently, Freedland’s rantings have been predictable. In Freedland’s caricature-like portrayals, Trump emerges as a shameless, dictator-like figure who “respects no limits on his lust for power.” Rarely shy of a dramatic turn of phrase, Freedland writes about his prior enthusiasm for the Constitution of the United States — a document he sees as guaranteeing a multicultural state — and his growing unease that this same document somehow permitted “a dangerous man” like Trump to assume office: “Trump is testing my admiration for that document — testing it, perhaps, to destruction.” Freedland has lamented that democracy in America “now stands naked — and vulnerable.”
Freedland’s opposition to the Trump administration, interpreted on the basis of his own words and arguments, is not rooted merely in generic Leftism. It also comprises an element of ethnic self-interest. Freedland perceives Trump to be obstructive to Jewish social and political objectives, and this is most apparent in his journalism for the Jewish Chronicle. While he rarely, if ever, mentions his Jewishness to the Guardian’s mass readership, in his writings at the JC Freedland is significantly less circumspect. In March, for example, he wrote in the JC that Trump “is no friend of ours and the correct Jewish stance on Trump was one of vigilant opposition.”
Jonathan Freedland
He even likes wearing shirts making sure everyone knows he's a Jew, like a badge or something.
The Jew
Trump’s ‘crimes,’ according to Freedland, have included the White House statement marking Holocaust Memorial Day which did not mention Jews or antisemitism. Freedland further complains that Trump “has no instinctive sensitivity for Jewish concerns.
Any condemnation of antisemitism has to be either scripted for him or else extracted under pressure.
More troublingly, he has an uncanny knack for speaking to and about Jews in a way that thrills antisemites.”
More embarrassingly for Freedland, he was one of the most vicious and persistent critics of Trump’s assertion that the bomb threats called into a number of Jewish buildings were probably made by Jews. At the height of the controversy, Freedland had written:
 Trump was asked in a meeting of states attorneys-general about the wave of bomb threats to Jewish community centres. According to those present, Trump speculated that, rather than taking these incidents at face value, they should consider that “sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people — or to make others — look bad.” Trump reportedly used the word “reverse” two or three times. What can this mean, except an implication that these threats to Jewish buildings were made by Jews themselves, to damage Trump? The notion of “false flag” attacks is a staple theme of the far right. In this context, it is a classic antisemitic trope: that anti-Jewish attacks are invented by cunning Jews to win underserved sympathy.
How unfortunate for Freedland that this ‘classic antisemitic trope’ was later very soundly confirmed.
Not one to waste his talents, Jonathan Freedland has for several years published fiction under the pseudonym Sam Bourne. His earliest pulp novels appear to have been an attempt to cash in on the success of Dan Brown’s thriller formula, and the syllable similarity in the two names shouldn’t be considered accidental. In these novels, one can discern Freedland/Bourne using fiction to play out personal fantasies. For example, The Righteous Men (2006) is a trashy religious thriller which derives its subject matter from Jewish folklore and has “a faction of the Christian Church” in the ‘bad guy’ role. The book was later followed by The Final Reckoning (2008), a revenge fantasy about a group of so-called “Holocaust survivors” who set out to assassinate former National Socialists.
He outright calls for the murder of President Trump
To Kill The President, Freedland/Bourne’s very recently published ‘thriller,’ has taken matters to a new extreme, blending the author’s history of anti-Trump journalism with his penchant for fictional ethnic revenge fantasies. Of course, no-one in the Trump administration is named in the latest novel, but Freedland makes no attempt to disguise his meaning. In the ‘feminist’ plot of To Kill the President, a female White House aide (and “avowed liberal”) uncovers a conspiracy to murder a recently elected populist president who unexpectedly won an election against a female Democrat who attracted criticism for being careless with her email service. The President, described as a “cheat and bigot,” offends the political and media establishments with “the tweets, the lies, the grotesque misconduct, the acts of unwarranted aggression.” One scene includes the President grabbing a female assistant by her genitals in the Situation Room, where staff have been summoned in the middle of the night because the President plans to launch missiles at China and North Korea.
Using a puppet then, Freedland gets to vent his spleen, casting the most vulgar accusations and insinuations against Trump without fear of a libel suit.
Freedland’s portrayal of Steve Bannon is also noteworthy. The novel’s President, an unstable demagogue, is ultimately a marionette dancing to the tune of a “ruthless chief strategist” with an Irish name — in this instance Bannon becomes Crawford ‘Mac’ McNamara. McNamara/Bannon saunters around the White House as if he is President, talking down to women and acting every inch the alpha male. The Bannon caricature presented by Freedland has been likened to a “middle aged rock star.” One senses that Freedland is made deeply uneasy by Bannon’s opaque role within the White House administration, as well as his perceived masculinity — not to mention his opposition to Muslim immigration and his generally populist attitudes. Much could be read into the fact that Freedland offers no fictional portrayal of Jared Kushner.
The novel thus offers insight into the minds of our opponents. Their fears, insecurities, and yes, their sick fantasies, are right here in black and white. But most importantly this is a work of incitement. Given the current context of increasingly violent Leftist conduct and rhetoric, To Kill The President should be interpreted as a very dangerous and deliberately targeted flirtation with the idea of political assassination. Even Mark Lawson, one of Freedland’s colleagues at the Guardian, writes at the end of his review of the book: “Even committed Trump-haters may suffer struggles of conscience over what would count as a satisfactory resolution of the plot.” This is a book that, ultimately, get its “thrills” from the prospect of the murder of Donald Trump.
The mainstream publication and promotion of To Kill The President should be interpreted as a stark symbol of the degradation and co-option of our cultural and political life by neurotic, twisted, and hateful elements within our gates.

Report: DHS Increases Number of Guest Worker Visas Despite NO Evidence of Labor Shortage

We have 106 million unemployed and the FEDs DHS is allowing another 15000 Indians and Pakistanis into the USA to work living wage jobs. Thanks. Thanks alot. Satanists really hate regular Americans, without a doubt.

Report: DHS Increases Number of Guest Worker Visas Despite NO Evidence of Labor Shortage
When Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly raised the cap on temporary worker visas Monday, he claimed that authorizing 15,000 additional H-2B visas would give relief to American businesses at risk of “significant harm” from a nationwide labor shortage.

The H-2B visa program is a guestworker program that allows employers to temporarily hire migrant workers in low-wage nonagricultural occupations, such as landscaping, forestry, hospitality, construction, and seafood processing, when no U.S. workers are available.

A report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a liberal-leaning think tank, suggests that Kelly’s justification for more H-2B visas was not based in actual labor market conditions.
Daniel Costa, EPI’s director of immigration law and policy research, analyzed wage and unemployment data from job fields often filled by foreign workers in the H-2B program. He found that stagnant wages and persistently high unemployment rates in those occupations cast doubt on the government’s claim that American businesses are facing a labor shortage.

First, Costa looked at wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the top 10 H-2B occupational fields. For each category, he compared average pay in 2004 to the average inflation-adjusted wage in 2016.

There was little wage growth for all workers in all occupations — only 5.5 percent from 2004 to 2012 — but wage growth was even worse for workers in nearly every H-2B occupation, according to the report. Hourly earnings either stagnated or declined in all but one category, “Waiters and Waitresses,” which rose by about 20 percent over the 12-year period from 2004 to 2016.

Costa argued that a true labor shortage would force businesses to offer higher pay as they compete for workers. While there was more robust wage growth in the H-2B occupations in 2015 and 2016, he said, the rise in inflation-adjusted worker pay in those years was the product of declining inflation, not a tight labor market.
“Determining whether a labor shortage exists in a particular occupation can be a difficult and inexact science, but those claiming shortages exist should at least provide the most rudimentary data consistent with such a claim,” Costa wrote.
“For example, if an occupation has seen flat or declining wages coupled with consistently high unemployment rates over a prolonged period of time, those are strong indicators that the occupation is not experiencing a shortage.”
The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a conservative research organization that favors lower levels of immigration, made the same point in a study published earlier in July. CIS research directer Steven Camarota looked at wage data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and found that real wages across the H-2B categories were 1.3 percent lower in 2015 than they were in 2007, before the Great Recession.
“In economics, the price of anything — steel, wheat, or workers — rises if demand outstrips supply and, of course, the price of workers is primarily wages,” he wrote last week in a blog post. “However, wage data shows in both the long and short term there have been little to no wage increases in many of the most common H-2B occupations, and in many cases wages show an outright decline.”
Unemployment rates in the H-2B job fields in 2015 and 2016 also undermine claims of a labor shortage, according to the EPI report. Seven of the 10 occupations had “very high” unemployment rates of between of 7.8 percent and 10.6 percent, well above the national average unemployment rate of 4.9 percent in 2016.
Costa conceded that businesses in certain locations might be struggling to find seasonal workers, but economic data paints a much different picture than local stories about resort towns that can’t find Americans to work in their hotels and restaurants.
“Other than LIES of shortages — many of which have been reported by the media — very little labor market data or metrics have been offered to prove the existence of labor shortages in H-2B jobs,” he wrote.

Police Accuse Jewish Man of Spraying His Own House with Swastikas

Most of these hate hoaxes of white on whatever are done by the so called "victims" themselves.

Police arrested a Schenectady, N.Y., man for spray painting his house with swastikas and lying to police about it Monday.
Andrew King, 54, now faces charges for falsely reporting a crime to the police, reports
King claimed last month that vandals came to his house and graffitied it with swastikas. He maintained he discovered the symbols when he was shoveling snow from his driveway.
“Just a vein of fear went right through me,” King said about the incident.
“All that history attached to that Nazi symbol.”
The police investigated the crime and learned that King had painted the signs himself. Police spokesman Sgt. Matthew Dearing did not offer details on how the police came to the conclusion.
It turns out the King may have also lied about being Jewish. He never actually converted to Judaism, though he tried several times, according to News10. Many of the congregations turned him down.
Rabbi Matt Cutler of the Congregation Gates of Heaven said King had been banned from the local congregation due to his unpredictable behavior.
“This has brought a sense of shame to the community,” Cutler, who has known King for 10 years, said.
“We knew there was something peculiar about the vandalism.”
King pleaded not guilty to the charges and was taken to jail on a $500 bail Tuesday.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The so-called reality, ex military Jihadists sent to kill

Your diversity is arriving by the tens of thousands every single day. And THEY ALL ARE MILITARY MEN, WITH MILITARY BEARING, LED BY COMMANDERS OBVIOUSLY IN CHARGE, as many have noticed but never reported by the satanically controlled media.

Jihadist thugs on their way to the west, with boats supplied by NGO corporations serving the Satanic Illuminati

Where are all the women and children? Never to be seen. No, these are brought over, paid for by YOU, later, so Jihadi Sam can have his slave wife as his cover.

Minnesota Goes Full Retard: Schools Adopt JEW-Authored Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners

Minnesota Goes Full Retard: Schools Adopt JEW-Authored Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners
A “transgender toolkit” for public schools in Minnesota advises teachers to call children “scholars” instead of boys and girls.
The guidelines were approved Wednesday by the “School Safety Technical Assistance Council” and will be distributed to Kindergarten through 12th grade public schools and charter schools throughout the state. The toolkit attempts to “ensure a safe and supportive transition” for children becoming a different gender at school.
The toolkit allows for boys who identify as girls to use the girls’ bathroom, and tells teachers to ask kids what their “preferred pronouns” are.
The Minnesota Department of Education encourages parents to have “acceptance and support of their child’s gender identity” if they want their child to perform well at school.
“Schools should not assume a student’s name or pronoun,” the toolkit states.
“School officials should ask the student and use the requested name and pronouns.”
The department says no legal documents are needed to change a student’s name or gender in school records. The department also said that teachers must call students by whatever name they choose to ensure that bullying does not occur.
“When students are referred to by the wrong pronoun by peers or school staff, students may feel intimidated, threatened, harassed or bullied,” the toolkit states. “School staff can ensure a more respectful environment for all students when efforts are made to correct the misuse of pronouns, as well as names, in student records.”
If a teacher calls a child by the wrong pronoun, he could violate the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, according to the guide.
Teachers also should avoid calling grade school children “boys and girls,” because the phrase is not “inclusive.”
“Teachers could address students as ‘students’ and ‘scholars’ to be inclusive as opposed to ‘boys and girls,'” the guide states.
Other tips include not picking a homecoming or prom king and queen—instead students should nominate “prom ambassadors,” “homecoming court,” or “homecoming royalty.”
The department explains, “Language around gender is evolving.”
“In some communities, the term ‘Two-Spirit’ is used for an American Indian person possessing a blend of male and female spirits,” the toolkit states.
“The term honors people of native heritage. Two-spirit students traditionally do not seek out medical transition nor use the language of transgender nor gender nonconforming to describe their gender.”
The toolkit links to several outside resource guides, including the group Gender Spectrum’s “Student Gender Transition Plan,” where a child can fill out their “preferred name,” gender, and assigned sex at birth.
The form asks, “What does the student wish to communicate about their gender?” and what “requests” the student will make, such as a new name, pronouns, or using a different locker room or bathroom.
The plan also includes a schedule for sharing a child’s new gender with the school and other parents, and a time for a “parent information night about gender diversity.”
The department also references a “Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools,” developed by left-wing organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, the National Education Association, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. This guide states that a child’s “age and maturity” should “never be a basis for denying a transgender student an opportunity to transition in a safe and supportive environment.”
The guidebook also advises that students can use the restroom of their choice. The department suggests that school officials should segregate students who feel uncomfortable by a biological boy who identifies as a girl joining the girls’ locker room.
“Privacy objections raised by a student in interacting with a transgender or gender nonconforming student may be addressed by segregating the student raising the objection provided that the action of the school officials does not result in stigmatizing the transgender and gender nonconforming student,” the toolkit states.

Day 276.3 Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen

“We are declaring war on cash,” Visa's Andy Gerlt

The European Union will ban all cash transactions by the end of 2018.
Their reasoning/excuse:  ....."Payments in cash are widely used in the financing of terrorist activities....."
The true and sole reason:  Control of all citizens within the European Union.  Total control.
'Excuse me, Mr. & Mrs. Eurosheep, you don't agree with our policies on tracking your every move and recording your phone conversations ?  No problem.  Hold on a second, just have to select something on your profile..... there it is.  - click/save -  Now, you can't purchase food - anywhere.'

Originally posted on
Here is yet more proof of what happens when slow, methodical planning, manufactured consent, and corporate influence combine their forces. The result is an unholy union between academic ideologists, political puppets, and corporate greed manifested in what can only be described as a juggernaut; A slow, relentlessly moving object that will crush anything in its path. Note juggernauts are also prone to crushing their devotees as well.
Per Wikipedia
A juggernaut  in current English usage, is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable. This usage originated in the mid-nineteenth century[2] as an allegorical reference to the Hindu temple cars of Jagannath Temple in Puri, which apocryphally were reputed to crush devotees under their wheels.
When you have political, capitalistic, and ideological forces aligned; you get economic, political, and technological forces almost religiously agreeing on a course  of action. In this case, Multiculturalist Ideology, Government Shills, and New Tech can now make their play on creating an even more captive consumer / sheeple. 
Visa's Pitch to India
Once they have total control, you will lose it all to asset seizure

And among the people championing the convenience of a cashless society are those who use  iphones to buy Starbucks coffee. These devotees who will sacrifice freedom for convenience will not be spared. They will be crushed under the juggernaut when alternate choices of transacted commerce are eliminated.
Kind of like the middle class thinking Trump was going to help them. Or the bitter left that thought Hillary was actually liberal. There are only degrees of authoritarianism now. And those in power are the elitists who state they know what is best for you. It also happens to be what is best for them. And cash - or more correctly control of how cash is spent - is an obstacle to that
There is nowhere to hide. The cashless society is coming, and with it, your freedom to spend where and when you see fit. Your ability to get fair prices from open trade borders will be closed. And when you convert your paper to Gold, that will be attacked next.
And those  people using Bitcoin to transfer wealth out of countries to retain their economic freedom we say  this; What are you going to transfer your wealth into? Are you going to leave it in Bitcoins? Then enjoy 100% volatility.
Risk cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be  exchanged for different risk. The wall is being built alright. It is being built around your economic freedom. Then the cries of BUY AMERICAN will sound out,  as you will not be able to buy anywhere  else. And American corporations will own your spending habits. Do you think supermarkets want to make less money when they ask for your "Club Card"?
You should be very scared when a bank spokesperson feels confident enough to actually say what he did. That means he thinks its a done deal. That headline is an actual quote. 

Banks Are Scheming to Dominate a Future Cashless Society

Written by Shaun Bradley for
Visa recently announced its new Cashless Challenge program, which offers $10,000 to restaurants willing to transition into accepting only digital payments.  As the largest credit card processor in the U.S., it’s no surprise Visa is spearheading this campaign. Under the guise of increasing transparency and efficiency, they’ve partnered with governments around the world to help convert financial systems into cashless models, but their real incentive is the billions of dollars in extra transaction fees it would generate.

“We are declaring war on cash,” Visa spokesman Andy Gerlt proudly proclaimed after the program was announced.

The food-based small businesses Visa is targeting are among those that benefit most from accepting cash from customers. When transactions are for amounts less than $10, the fees charged cut significantly into profits. Only 28% of food trucks currently accept credit card payments because of the huge losses they incur from them. The bribe from Visa may seem appealing up front but will be mostly paid back to them over the next few years in fees alone.
Liz Garner, Vice President of the Merchant Advisory Group, which represents over 100 of the largest businesses in the U.S., explained some of the hurdles faced when dealing with card networks:
“For many businesses – both large and small – the cost of accepting plastic cards and other forms of electronic payments is one of their highest operating costs. Most business owners have no qualms about paying reasonable fees for business services, and they do so every day for items such as cleaning services, security systems, Wi-Fi, and other basic needs. However, they have the ability to negotiate for those services in a fair and transparent marketplace, which they do not with the two major credit and debit card networks….Credit card and debit card fees are dictated directly by Visa and MasterCard and are imposed on the majority of merchants in a take-it-or-leave-it fashion. Most businesses feel that failing to accept these major card brands is not a competitive option so they continue accepting electronic payments even though the costs are squeezing their business, and the inflexible acceptance rules fly in the face of free market enterprise,”
This ongoing push for a cashless society in EuropeAsia, and the Americas is about much more than just phasing out paper money — it’s about central planners solidifying control over the public’s wealth. This ongoing merger of corporate and government interests is the definition of crony capitalism. Regardless of the blatant collusion, the choices individuals make will still ultimately decide the direction for the future. Buying material goods on credit has become a lifestyle for millions, but the long-term costs of those decisions must be understood if there’s any chance for progress.
Americans have made a huge mistake by running up a staggering $1 trillion dollars in credit card debt with an average interest rate of over 16%. Thanks to the Federal Reserve system, companies like Mastercard, Discover, and American Express can issue bonds paying extremely low-interest rates to the investors while simultaneously lending that money out to credit card holders at sky high rates. Companies will always take advantage of opportunities to increase profits, but the people’s willingness to keep borrowing from them is at the core of the problem.
Access to cheap capital has been extended to the largest corporations for over a decade, but when it comes to small businesses or individuals there is a completely different set of standards. The pressure to consistently increase revenues and stock prices has led to an unnatural parasitic relationship between these companies and their customers. Cash is one of the last options that allows people a way to avoid dealing with this kind of shakedown.
More than
30% of all payments
 in the U.S. are still conducted in cash, but
financial intermediaries
 that charge processing fees are
 with the State and central banks to ensure the public has no room to innovate. Credit and debit cards have been the most convenient way to make purchases for over a decade, but emerging competition is slowly making them irrelevant.
Bitcoin and smart contract platforms have introduced an entirely new marketplace for businesses and individuals outside the dominion of the old financial vanguard. Dozens of large corporations have founded the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to build support for other developing alternative blockchain technologies aside from Bitcoin. This ongoing evolution towards peer-to-peer payments will eventually doom companies like Visa to the same fate as Blockbuster. Those in power may champion the benefits of going cashless, but going bankless may be the only way out of this extortion matrix.
The efforts by governments and the financial industry to eliminate cash are only going to intensify. Those who adapt to the new paradigm of peer-to-peer payments will thrive, while those who don’t will have their hard earned money extracted to support a failing system. The illusion of banks being safe should have been shattered after the 2008 crisis, but eventually, the reality of how unstable the current institutions are will become apparent. Educating entrepreneurs and businesses on the benefits of Bitcoin and other decentralized options is the only way to shift this economy away from the control of central planners and towards a free and voluntary market.